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Who We Are & What We Do

Increasingly recognized as a brand of note, both in the UK and Rest of the world, Unzè is high fashion wear based on own label ladies' footwear and matching accessories such as belts and bags. In addition to ladies evening wear, fashion, bridal and casual wear; there is also a range of children's and Men shoes. The styles are elegant, feminine, glamorous and very sophisticated; they perform from daywear to evening wear. Using the finest quality materials and intricate handiwork, the shoes and accessories are captured in vibrant colors combined with the most luxurious fabrics, leathers, beads, metals, rhinestones and suede combinations to create an inspired range. The high fashion and evening wear collection is ideal for special occasions and comprise a range of 1 – 4 inch diamante heels, with elegant styling and beautiful fabrics from leather to synthetics to satin. The flat and wedge sandals are exclusively handmade from pure leather using different beadings and sequence and hand embroidery. In addition, we also offer a wide variety of boots that range from ankle to three-quarter to knee-high. The boots come in appealing styles, colors and designs and are adorned with buckles, straps, rhinestones, fantastic fabrics, leathers and suede.


This year we are planning to launch 3 new branches around London. We are also opening an ‘Unze Factory Outlet’ in Eastham for the first time ever. This year we are aiming for the sky!!!


Unze has launched it’s 18 domains with their Local languages to satisfy its online buyers and make their online shopping more convenient. We have introduced FREE next day delivery on all UK for our Valued Customers for their increased satisfaction.We also opened another shop in Pakistan in 2010 because as the first one did supremely well.


In 2009 Unze London launched its new store in Kensington. Due to heavy users ratio Unze London re-launched its web version as per users’ expectations. Unze has launched it’s 18 domains with their Local languages to satisfy its online buyers and make their online shopping more convenient.


In order to meet customer demands Unze opened more store in different location at Southall, Limerick (Ireland), Netherland, Dewsbury,


Unze opened new store Bradford, Walthamstow, Bolton, Preston, Leicester, Birmingham, Wood Green and Hounslow.


Opened new stores in Sheffield, Leeds, and Chelmsford. Starting in March 2006 Unze is poised to open another 20 franchises. The sheer popularity and appeal of the Unzè brand has led to inquiries from all around the world, from the USA to South Africa to Australia and Asia. The Unzè brand and its franchises will prove to be a brand to be reckoned with in the coming years.


Unzè (Franchising) Ltd was formed in 2005. The franchise operation has started initially here in the UK and will proceed internationally in the coming years. Since its launch in March 2005 Unzè (Franchising) Limited has had over 200 inquiries from interested potential franchisees, to date we have opened 10 franchises.

In April Unze opened first Franchise stores in Romford.


2003 Unze London opened second shop on Green Street in order to meet customer's demand and showcase the vast range of styles produced by the company.


Unze London Brand was launched


Due to popularity of its shoes, Unze UK Shoes expanded its business to Europe and rest of the world through Whole sale.


Unze UK  launched its first online web shop which is the largest online shoes shop.


In 1992, due to popular demand a second store was opened in White chapel.


Unze UK opened its first store in 1990 on Green Street, which is the 4th most popular commercial Street in London.


Unze UK  Ltd was established in 1989 in London, and is wholly owned by the Saleem family. The company first focused on retail, and over time, has developed a substantial wholesale business and a vast product range, supplying numerous retailers throughout the UK and Rest of the world.