These boots are made for walking and that's what they're going to do!

There's no such thing as an everyday shoe, more like a SHOE for EVERYDAY, only a true shoe-aholic will understand this statement nevertheless, for those who are a little confused ill explain further.

There is a bitter truth about this fashionist world which we all live in, as much as (mainly) the male population may want to deny there is no such thing as that ONE amazing pair of savour shoes. Those shoes which you can possibly wear on any occasion anywhere, everywhere. In other words and, I know this might sound so horrific to some people but its better if you accept it now "there is no such thing as a 24/7 shoe!".

Men Boots

SHOCK... HORROR!! don't worry all is not lost as of yet, I am loyal to my readers and can't let you down so easily so I have managed to shortlist the best pair of versatile shoes that is essential and will fulfil any occasion which strike you throughout your life.

To begin with Men's boots there is no need to pay top cash for a durable, comfortable high performing pair of gorgeous looking boots, according to latest test results whether you're planning a miniature hiking trip with a couple macho mates of yours or just a little tumble down your local Epping forest.

It's important to choose the correct pair of walking boots, so here's my three pointer  guide to the most sensible and smartest, money saving way to purchase a great pair which will last you a very long time. Firstly you’ll need to look out for a pair where soles will be very comfortable and strong as well as flexible. Secondly try and stick to all round leather as they tend to have a longer life span then fabricated boots and most importantly and you should never forget it's not about how heavy the weight of the boot which makes it the right one trust me, when there's a lot of walking involved the lighter the boot the better, you'll thank me in the long run and this is directed mostly to those particular egoistic males that don't like admitting or showing anyone that they too are human, so they have this tendency to hide the fact that they are exhausted. My advice the lighter the boots the less you'll get tired dragging your feet about.

Good luck and happy shopping until next time....

Women's Boots

Taking a sneak peak in to someone's wardrobe will tell you exactly what that person is like, you'll unravel their individuality, you'll discover their sense of  fashion and style and you'll understand their likes and dislikes.

 Wardrobes like many desirable possessions are a women's sanctuary every item inside is so pleasurable to them, outfits, shoes, bags,  accessories they all play an essential part to any wardrobe as she focuses on every little element. Every outfit has to be paired up with amazing pair of footwear and unique accessories is a MUST  without fail to complete any true look

Any women I have ever met till date has several different footwear stacked inside their wardrobe whether its slippers, sandals, pumps, kitten heels platforms the list is endless. Some are completely heart favorite and some are just purchased in spur of a moment which you probably will never wear.  Some shoes are to complement your mode, some are to compliment the weather and some are simply to compliment a special outfit.

Nevertheless every shoe has its own purpose and it drives any man up the wall because they just don't get... do they?

SHOES.... such a haven without them where would we be? they give women so much structure and confidence that shines through in a room. It makes us feel so beautiful, so glamorous and elegant all in one. There's a classic saying which brings a smile to my face every time I hear it, because it shows the importance of shoes and women. It goes something like this "Give a girl the RIGHT shoe and she will conquer the WORLD " it couldn't have being worded any better.

Each season brings a collection of wonderful designs, like for example when winter is creeping toward us and it getting chiller in the morning and darker by noon, you don't only bring out your warm scarves and fluffy coats, you also search franticly from shop to shop for the most amazing pair of boots that's not only ideal for this horrid whether but makes the impossible, Possible! looking fabulous for 2014

Long Boots:

what I've come to learn over the years is when winter hits home one of the best choices for footwear has to be our fall long boots. it says sexy and cozy all over them its honestly the smartest way to get protected from the harshness of winter and they have style at the same time.

These comes in a variety of styles and sizes with medium and long length, flat and heels, and an extra coating of leg warmer inside, you honestly can't go wrong with that.

personally Flat boots are ideal for casual wear throughout the day where your rushing through the cold from A to B where as heels gives you height and grace throughout the evening.  whencomes to colour choice, black and brown there are all my favorites.

Ankle Boots:

These have been in fashions for centuries "literally".  These are the ideal footwear with a fabulous pair of skinny jeans or mid-skirt. Especially when you want to stay away from the long tail boots they are so last year. these are the smartest choice. These boots can quickly create any outlook into feminine chic look.

Women Ankle Boots


Anyone and everyone no matter what ever age they maybe pumps will do for them as they are the most common and easiest to wear and handle shoes you can possibly have in your wardrobe. In their most basic form, pumps have closed backs, and low-cut fronts that hit closer to the toes than they do the top of the foot. A classic pump has a seamless vamp, and is without laces, buckles, straps or ties, it's just a classic pump easy peazy. nowadays you can finds pumps with a bit of a twist to them they can diamante miniature block heel or ankle straps they can have a variety of different toe cuts such as open toes, peep toes, pointy toes, round toes, almond toes or even as ridiculous as this may sound square toes. These are available in market for all weather types. These shoes fully satisfy the sense of matching because of its availability in different colors, prints and designs. The real advantage is its portability. Just fold them in any travel bag and there you go. So buy as many pair of pumps as you want, every new pair adds a class and comfort to your life. 

Rain Boots:

some people are not as fortunate as others who are lucky enough to see only a few specks of rain throughout their life, in times like this you should opt for the famous rain boots also known as the wellingtons. When buying rain boots, you should also buy inner leg warmers for these boots to keep your feet dry and legs extra warm. Rain boots protects your favorite shoes from damage. You can also add style with buying bold printed wellingtons. Having a good rain coat and boots helps you to enjoy in the rainy season.

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